Our office provides a home sleep study, called the WatchPAT ONE. The device is comfortable to wear, used only once, and is disposable. The fee for this device is very affordable, costing only a few hundred dollars. Home Sleep Studies have become far more common than in lab sleep studies (Polysomnograms). However, it is possible for an in-lab sleep study to be required if concerns are seen on your Home Sleep Study report.

A Board-Certified Sleep Physician will read the Home Sleep Study report and if a sleep breathing disorder, such as sleep apnea exists, then the report will provide this diagnosis.

Below is an example of the sleep study report you will receive from the WatchPat One Home Sleep Study.

In addition to a true Home Sleep Test, such as the WatchPat ONE, we also provide a simple screening tool, called a Pulse Oximeter. This device will record your Oxygen Levels and Heart Rate while you sleep. This data can be used to screen for Sleep Apnea, and is also used while we setup your oral appliance.

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If you would like to start with the Wellue Screening tool ( or the WatchPAT Home Sleep Study ( please call us today for your sleep consultation at 903-455-0516 (Greenville) or 214-592-8042 (McKinney), or email [email protected]. We have offices in both Greenville and McKinney!