Is My Snoring A Health Concern?

couple with snoring problemsIf you snore throughout the night while you sleep, you can make rest harder for your partner to enjoy. What you should know is that this problem can also cause you to experience more difficulties with sleep, as you may be snoring because of untreated sleep apnea. If so, you can find yourself struggling with a loss of energy and focus, changes in your mood, and physical health concerns. Our DFW area clinic for sleep apnea can help you if this is something that currently affects you. We can review your symptoms and risk factors to determine if you would benefit from treatment. If so, we can provide it in the form of a custom oral appliance that lets you correct nightly breathing difficulties without the need for a CPAP machine. (more…)

Benefits Of Appliance-Based Treatment

Sleep Greenville TXYour sleep disorder could be posing significant problems in your life without you even knowing it. Since you are unconscious during this time, you might learn about your chronic obstructive sleep apnea from a partner or loved one. If someone around you has mentioned your problem snoring, it could be a sign of a serious condition. Take their concerns to heart and speak with a healthcare provider about your symptoms. Poor sleep can leave you feeling miserable the next day.

Over time, your condition could have you feeling tired consistently before noon. At Dental Sleep Solutions of Greenville And McKinney in Greenville, TX, we focus on helping you achieve a greater night of sleep. Oral appliances are helpful non-surgical solutions used to treat sleep apnea, and they can also be helpful in protecting your mouth from bruxism. This refers to the chronic grinding of teeth, and the overnight activity can wear down your enamel through hours of nightly stress.Take control of your sleep with a slim oral appliance!


Lasting Effects Of Sleep Apnea

Heart Greenville TXFor patients with chronic obstructive sleep apnea, the immediate effects can be evident. These individuals often experience low quality sleep and struggle to maintain effectiveness throughout the work day. There can also be discomfort within the throat from the adjustments the body makes as it tries to breathe.

Beyond the dry air contact to the throat, there are also long-lasting cardiovascular consequences of ignoring your chronic obstructive sleep apnea. At Dental Sleep Solutions of Greenville And McKinney in Greenville, TX, our goal is to help you with both your immediate discomfort and your lasting comprehensive health. Apnea sufferers are more likely to experience a heart attack or stroke. As these are life-threatening concerns, take your rest seriously so that you can maintain your quality of life well beyond your smile. (more…)

Beginning Your Sleep Apnea Treatment

After recognizing that your snoring could be a sign of more troubling sleep apnea, you should proceed to arrange treatment to help with your nightly breathing struggles. Without doing so, you make yourself vulnerable to different threats that can impact your mood, energy levels, and health. This is because the condition robs you of the ability to enjoy truly beneficial sleep by interfering with your rest cycle. At our DFW area dentist’s office, we provide services that are able to resolve issues with this nightly disorder. We can also provide you with the means to evaluate your sleep and determine if this is truly something that needs to be treated. (more…)

Sleep Apnea Can Make You Tired Throughout The Day

Feeling tired at the end of the day can be less than surprising, especially when you have a longer list of times to address on your schedule. However, it can be worrying to feel tired on a frequent or daily basis, even on those days when you should have enjoyed a full night’s rest. At our DFW area dentist’s office, we can help patients who are frequently struggling with fatigue and other problems that can be traced back to sleep apnea. This condition interferes with your rest cycle, which makes it hard to fully benefit from your night in bed. If you are not sure if this is really something you need to treat, we can provide the means for you to have a home assessment. (more…)

Sleep Apnea And Your Typical Mornings

Not everyone feels energized and ready to take on the day when they first wake up. Depending on your sleep schedule and other factors, you can find that you tend to feel sluggish during the mornings. However, when you frequently remain tired from the start of the day through the rest of it, and when you experience other concerns like frequent soreness in your throat and headaches in the mornings, it can point to sleep apnea. This condition interferes with your ability to complete your rest cycles, and it can cause snoring and labored breathing that can affect your well-being. Our DFW area dentist’s office can help you by confirming this is an issue you need to treat and offering an effective solution. (more…)

Identifying Signs Of Sleep Apnea

Is it possible for a person to miss the signs of sleep apnea? One commonly recognized symptom is snoring, but not everyone has a way of knowing that they snore while they sleep. Other symptoms of this issue can resemble problems we associate with sleep deprivation, such as a lack of energy, changes in mood, and difficulty concentrating. There are symptoms and risk factors for this problem that you can look out for to determine if something is wrong. By bringing your concerns about this problem to your DFW area dentist, you can confirm that it needs to be addressed. You can also arrange treatment with a custom oral appliance that will help you breathe properly and remain at rest through the night. (more…)

Appliance Therapy And Your Sleep Issues

How often do you find yourself feeling groggy and sluggish after what should have been a full night’s rest? Are you embarrassed by your frequent snoring issues? There are different warning signs to look out for when you start to worry about obstructive sleep apnea. As frustrating as it can be to realize that you are struggling with nightly breathing issues, it can be a relief to know that your DFW area dentist can help. You can find that a custom oral appliance is all that you require to correct breathing difficulties and help you sleep soundly. (more…)

Should I Use A Home Sleep Test?

How easy is it to determine that you have a problem with sleep apnea? There are signs to look out for, though the symptoms you experience can also point to problems with sleep deprivation. If you are not sure whether your troubles are from sleep apnea, a home test can help. Your DFW area dentist can provide the means to evaluate your nightly rest in the comfort of your own bed. With the feedback you receive, you can find out if you need to do something about nightly breathing issues that have made you vulnerable to problems with your rest that are creating problems for your emotional and physical well-being! (more…)

Snoring Could Be A Sign Of Health Trouble

The tendency to snore can be embarrassing, but it can also be a warning that you need to take care of a nightly breathing issue. Problems with sleep apnea cause snoring as well as disruptions in your rest that can impact your well-being in several ways. Because you are not staying asleep, your body is not able to complete the rest cycles that are supposed to be completed in the course of the night. This leads to energy loss, difficulties with mood and focus, short-term memory struggles, and even potential issues for managing your mental and physical health. At our DFW area dentist’s office, we can help patients who are struggling with this condition. In fact, we can actually offer an alternative to care with a CPAP machine by providing a custom sleep appliance! (more…)