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A Simple Snoring Solution

If your loved ones have mentioned their worries over your snoring, take their concerns to heart and speak with an oral health provider who understands the science of sleep. Your loud snoring could be a sign of a common sleep disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea, in which your own body blocks your airway overnight…. Read more »

A Simple Snoring Solution

Snoring is a very common problem that patients have. Many people do not think to find a solution for these harsh breathing sounds until it becomes too severe. However, leaving these issues alone for prolonged periods can have many negative side effects. At Dental Sleep Solutions of Greenville & McKinney, TX, we have a straightforward… Read more »

Is My Snoring A Health Concern?

couple with snoring problems

If you snore throughout the night while you sleep, you can make rest harder for your partner to enjoy. What you should know is that this problem can also cause you to experience more difficulties with sleep, as you may be snoring because of untreated sleep apnea. If so, you can find yourself struggling with… Read more »

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