A Simple Snoring Solution

Snoring Greenville TXIf your loved ones have mentioned their worries over your snoring, take their concerns to heart and speak with an oral health provider who understands the science of sleep. Your loud snoring could be a sign of a common sleep disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea, in which your own body blocks your airway overnight. When this happens, be sure to learn about your options in treatment, as it can lead to an elevated risk of serious health complications.

At our dental office and sleep clinic in Greenville & McKinney, TX, there is a more comfortable form of treatment for your chronic obstructive sleep apnea. Through the use of an oral appliance, keeping the airway open all night long is achievable without the need for surgery or a noisy CPAP machine. If you have been avoiding care due to the intrusion of treatment, take some time to talk with your dentist about whether this approach is right for you. An oral appliance could be the right move for both your sleep and your lasting health!

Sleep Apnea Can Elevate Your Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke

For those who struggle with their sleep, it may seem easy to ignore your condition, but it is vital that you speak with a trusted provider about available forms of treatment. Chronic obstructive sleep apnea can affect more than just the quality of your sleep, it can pose serious health risks. Those with this condition are more likely to experience a heart attack or a stroke, so talk to a sleep expert about ways to keep your airway open throughout the night.

Stop Your Snoring With An Oral Appliance

An oral appliance helps you to achieve a better night of sleep by gently repositioning your jaw. By moving it slightly forward, this form of treatment helps to prevent your throat tissue from collapsing. This form of treatment could be your solution, so talk to your dentist about whether this method is right for your needs.

An oral appliance is a comfortable BPA-free mouthguard that you wear throughout the night, and it can be helpful for those who are avoiding other forms of treatment. If you have been holding off on seeking care for fear of surgery or a noisy CPAP machine, talk to our team about a non-surgical approach that keeps you quieter during sleep.

Ask Your Dentist In Greenville, TX About Oral Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea

If your snoring is keeping your loved ones up all night, it’s time to talk to an oral health provider about sleep apnea treatment. To learn more about how oral appliances can improve your rest, give us a call at Dental Sleep Solutions of Greenville & McKinney at (903)455-0516!