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Beginning Your Sleep Apnea Treatment

After recognizing that your snoring could be a sign of more troubling sleep apnea, you should proceed to arrange treatment to help with your nightly breathing struggles. Without doing so, you make yourself vulnerable to different threats that can impact your mood, energy levels, and health. This is because the condition robs you of the… Read more »

Sleep Apnea And Your Typical Mornings

Not everyone feels energized and ready to take on the day when they first wake up. Depending on your sleep schedule and other factors, you can find that you tend to feel sluggish during the mornings. However, when you frequently remain tired from the start of the day through the rest of it, and when… Read more »

Snoring Could Be A Sign Of Health Trouble

The tendency to snore can be embarrassing, but it can also be a warning that you need to take care of a nightly breathing issue. Problems with sleep apnea cause snoring as well as disruptions in your rest that can impact your well-being in several ways. Because you are not staying asleep, your body is… Read more »

Why You Should Not Ignore Snoring

If you tend to snore whenever you sleep, you can feel self-conscious, and you can worry that your loud breathing keeps your partner awake. You should also be concerned that this condition is linked to sleep apnea, which can take a toll on your overall health and rob you of energy. At our DFW area… Read more »

Do I Really Need To Worry About Snoring?

It might be an annoying habit to your partner, and it may be a source of embarrassment for you, but is a tendency to snore also a sign of health trouble? Snoring issues as well as a tendency to make choked, strained, or wheezing sounds as you breathe during the night can point to problems… Read more »

When Your Sleep Trouble Keeps Your Partner Awake

If you have problems with sleep apnea, snoring and other loud breathing issues can be just part of your overall concerns. In addition to being embarrassed by the trouble you have with nightly breathing, you can feel embarrassed by how you are keeping your partner awake. Discussing your difficulties at our DFW dental office can… Read more »

Looking Into Professional Care For Snoring

If you snore while you sleep, you can keep your partner awake. If the noise you make is loud enough, you can even disturb others in your home! While this is certainly a reason to be worried about your nightly breathing, you should know that this problem can also affect your well-being. The interference with… Read more »

Is Your Snoring A Health Issue?


Snoring is typically seen as just a common part of sleeping, and for the most part, it is. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, roughly 45% of adults do so occasionally while 25% snore regularly. In many cases, it is nothing to think twice about, but it can also be indicative of larger health issues —… Read more »

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea At Home

greenville sleep apnea diagnosis

Your Greenville, TX, dentist knows how to treat issues like chronic snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with a custom oral appliance. But how do we diagnose the issue and choose the best solution? In today’s blog, we’re talking about common warning signs to watch for, as well as our at-home assessment and home sleep… Read more »

How Does Snoring Impact Our Sleep?

When you snore, this could not only keep your significant other from sleeping properly, but could also stand between you and a good night’s rest too. In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist will look at the process of diagnosing and treating the factors behind your nightly snores, and helping you rest once again with… Read more »