Beginning Your Sleep Apnea Treatment

After recognizing that your snoring could be a sign of more troubling sleep apnea, you should proceed to arrange treatment to help with your nightly breathing struggles. Without doing so, you make yourself vulnerable to different threats that can impact your mood, energy levels, and health. This is because the condition robs you of the ability to enjoy truly beneficial sleep by interfering with your rest cycle. At our DFW area dentist’s office, we provide services that are able to resolve issues with this nightly disorder. We can also provide you with the means to evaluate your sleep and determine if this is truly something that needs to be treated.

Is Sleep Apnea Currently Impacting Your Health?

There are different signs to look out for if you think sleep apnea might be impacting your health. Beyond causing you to snore, the condition can make it difficult for you to fully regain your energy levels during the night, leaving you sluggish and unfocused during your average day. It can also affect your focus and short-term memory, create problems with headaches and throat discomfort, and raise your blood pressure! When you have regular problems that point to an issue with this condition, seeking treatment can lead to important protection.

Beginning Treatment With A Sleep Appliance

There are different ways in which sleep apnea can be treated. In addition to the CPAP machine that you may already be familiar with, you can explore the benefits of using a custom oral appliance. Doing so helps you by holding your jaw in a position that presents soft tissues in the throat from blocking your airways. With this approach, patients who feel uneasy about wearing a CPAP mask can find that they have a more comfortable means of treatment for their condition.

Unsure You Need Treatment? A Home Sleep Assessment Is Available

Through a home sleep assessment, we can confirm that sleep apnea is something that you need to start treating. This offers you a convenient means of verifying your struggle, and you can feel more confident entering into plans for nightly care. Remember that the longer you put off a review, the more likely you are to experience complications with your health.

Talk To Your DFW Area Dentist About Sleep Apnea Treatment

Through an effective treatment for sleep apnea, we can help you resolve problems with daily difficulties including fatigue, irritability, a lack of focus, and more! In addition to improving your quality of life in these ways, care can help you address worrying health conditions such as elevated blood pressure. To find out more about how we can help you if you need to begin treatment, schedule an appointment with Dental Sleep Solutions of DFW by calling 903-455-0516.