Should I Use A Home Sleep Test?

How easy is it to determine that you have a problem with sleep apnea? There are signs to look out for, though the symptoms you experience can also point to problems with sleep deprivation. If you are not sure whether your troubles are from sleep apnea, a home test can help. Your DFW area dentist can provide the means to evaluate your nightly rest in the comfort of your own bed. With the feedback you receive, you can find out if you need to do something about nightly breathing issues that have made you vulnerable to problems with your rest that are creating problems for your emotional and physical well-being! (more…)

Snoring Could Be A Sign Of Health Trouble

The tendency to snore can be embarrassing, but it can also be a warning that you need to take care of a nightly breathing issue. Problems with sleep apnea cause snoring as well as disruptions in your rest that can impact your well-being in several ways. Because you are not staying asleep, your body is not able to complete the rest cycles that are supposed to be completed in the course of the night. This leads to energy loss, difficulties with mood and focus, short-term memory struggles, and even potential issues for managing your mental and physical health. At our DFW area dentist’s office, we can help patients who are struggling with this condition. In fact, we can actually offer an alternative to care with a CPAP machine by providing a custom sleep appliance! (more…)

When Sleep Apnea Treatment Begins

By recognizing that something is wrong with your sleep, you can take the first step toward treating an issue that can alter your mood, complicate your ability to maintain your physical health, and deplete you of energy. Sleep apnea is an issue that many people experience. When it occurs, it robs you of your ability to rest throughout the night, as interference in your breathing will make it difficult for you to stay asleep. At our DFW area dentist’s office, we can deal with this problem by providing a custom oral appliance that keeps your airways open. Not sure this is truly necessary? We can provide an at-home sleep test that lets you evaluate your current experience with rest! (more…)

How Sleep Apnea Causes Daytime Fatigue

What are you able to accomplish in a typical day? On a day when you failed to enjoy a good night’s rest, your list of what you feel you can do may be shorter. When you continue to go without the appropriate amount of sleep, it can continue to shrink, leading to problems in your daily life and concerns about your well-being. One reason this problem continues to affect you could be sleep apnea. If it is, know that our DFW area dental practice can help. We have experience serving patients who are negatively impacted by snoring and sleep apnea. In fact, we can even talk to you about using a more comfortable alternative to treatment for this condition, one that does not require a CPAP machine. (more…)

Evaluating Sleep Apnea Risks

Are you suffering from sleep apnea? Is this condition something that you should be worried about? At our DFW area dental office, we are prepared to help when sleep issues affect a patient’s health and well-being. We know that in some cases, people can be unaware that this condition is affecting them, or what it can do when it is not managed. Snoring is commonly associated with this condition, but not everyone has someone who can point out a snoring issue to them. What you should know is that this is just one issue of many that can alert you to the problem. Knowing those other signs to watch out for, and recognizing the risk factors of the condition, can help you avoid future problems! (more…)

Is It Time To Worry About Sleep Apnea?

Just how serious is a problem with sleep apnea? The longer you let the matter go without treatment, the more harmful it can become. Without treatment, your condition will effectively rob you of the ability to remain at rest throughout the night. This can lead to problems that match what you would experience from chronic sleep deprivation. Breathing disruptions that occur because of this condition can also lead to you experiencing difficulty with elevated blood pressure, which raises your risk for more health concerns! Our DFW area dental practice is prepared to help. With the right support, you can maintain a steady, healthy breathing pattern that lets you rest throughout the night once again. (more…)

Why You Should Not Ignore Snoring

If you tend to snore whenever you sleep, you can feel self-conscious, and you can worry that your loud breathing keeps your partner awake. You should also be concerned that this condition is linked to sleep apnea, which can take a toll on your overall health and rob you of energy. At our DFW area dentist’s office, patients who have concerns about their health can discuss sleep apnea treatment, which can protect you against difficulties that affect your mood, physical health, and even your emotional well-being! With the right treatment to improve your breathing, we can help you sleep without snoring and without disruptions that can affect nightly rest. (more…)

How Sleep Apnea Affects Your Health

Is there something interfering with your ability to enjoy a good night’s rest? You may not remember waking up at all, but when you struggle with sleep apnea, your rest cycles can be broken repeatedly by issues with your breathing. The more time you spend not dealing with this issue, the more significant your troubles can become. Over time, sleep apnea can affect a person’s well-being by raising their blood pressure, making it harder to manage their mental and physical health, and robbing them of energy. Fortunately, you can find that our DFW area dentist’s office can help! Through the use of a custom oral appliance, we can correct breathing difficulties and help you remain at rest throughout your nights. (more…)

Signs Your Partner May Have Sleep Apnea

It can be difficult to enjoy a full night’s rest when your partner is a habitual snorer. With that said, this tendency to breathe loudly and awkwardly at night can be more than just a nuisance for you. Difficulties with snoring and restricted breathing could be a warning that your loved one suffers from sleep apnea. If this is the case, they can experience different problems with their mood, their energy levels, and even their physical and mental health. Our DFW area dental practice can offer guidance and treatment to those who are dealing with sleep apnea. Remember that the sooner you identify symptoms and bring them up, the sooner you can arrange for the proper protection. (more…)

How An Appliance Corrects Sleep Apnea Issues

The time you spend at rest helps you restore your mental and physical health in many key ways, which is why a disruption of your sleep can have such an impact on your quality of life. The longer it takes you to do something about an issue that disrupts your sleep, the more unpleasant the consequences can become—eventually, the issue can create real problems for your physical and emotional well-being! Our DFW area dentist’s office is prepared to help those who think their nightly rest has been disturbed by sleep apnea. What might surprise you is that we can actually offer that help with a custom appliance instead of a CPAP machine! (more…)