Benefits Of Appliance-Based Treatment

Sleep Greenville TXYour sleep disorder could be posing significant problems in your life without you even knowing it. Since you are unconscious during this time, you might learn about your chronic obstructive sleep apnea from a partner or loved one. If someone around you has mentioned your problem snoring, it could be a sign of a serious condition. Take their concerns to heart and speak with a healthcare provider about your symptoms. Poor sleep can leave you feeling miserable the next day.

Over time, your condition could have you feeling tired consistently before noon. At Dental Sleep Solutions of Greenville And McKinney in Greenville, TX, we focus on helping you achieve a greater night of sleep. Oral appliances are helpful non-surgical solutions used to treat sleep apnea, and they can also be helpful in protecting your mouth from bruxism. This refers to the chronic grinding of teeth, and the overnight activity can wear down your enamel through hours of nightly stress.Take control of your sleep with a slim oral appliance!

Keep Your Airway Free Through Jaw Positioning

Your chronic obstructive sleep apnea can pose serious rosks to your overall wellbeing. If your loved ones have brought up their concerns with you, do not dismiss them out of hand. The pauses in breath that are associated with this condition can be rather jarring, so it is understandable that they would be worried.

Make the effort and speak with a trained sleep science professional about your condition. An oral appliance is a slim BPA-free device that you wear in your mouth during sleep. This approach gently repositions your jaw forward, which keeps the airway open overnight. Before you start treatment with a machine, try an oral appliance and see if this addresses your apnea.

Oral Appliances Protect Your Enamel From Grinding

Oral appliances are used for the treatment of problem bruxism, as well. This condition refers to the grinding of teeth, and it can cause severe damage to your enamel. You could be spending hours every night removing tiny bits of the exterior of your teeth unless you address your bruxism.

Protect your smile with a barrier that provides a soft landing spot for your jaw. Set aside the time for a custom fitting so that you can feel comfortable as you sleep. See the difference in the morning after a full night of sleep.

Oral Appliance-Based Therapy In Greenville and McKinney, TX

Speak with our team to learn more about this form of treatment at Dental Sleep Solutions of Greenville and McKinney in Greenville, TX. Give us a call at (903)455-0516 and schedule an appointment for a consultation. Your chronic obstructive sleep apnea could endanger your cardiovascular health through higher blood pressure and lower oxygen reception. How long has it been since your last quality rest?