What Does My Sleep Assessment Look For?

sleep assessmentWhen you experience the common warning signs of a disorder like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you need to seek treatment to avoid worsening complications for both your immune system and your heart health! In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist not only looks at the warning signs of OSA, but talks about the thorough assessment we use to diagnose you.


What Makes Me Snore?

snoringEvery now and then, all of us snore. However, a few of us may do so on a nightly basis, and this could be a warning signs of a serious sleep disorder. In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist will look at what makes us snore, and how to stop, even if you suffer from a disorder like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)!


Tips For Better Sleep Habits

sleep apneaOften, poor sleep habits and other factors could lead to the onset of chronic snoring and even obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). However, by making positive changes to your routine, you could rest easier. In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist will look at what you can do to enjoy a lower risk of snoring and OSA.


We Offer Patients A Home Sleep Test

home sleep testIf you have risk factors, or symptoms, of sleep apnea, you may assume a thorough diagnosis means trying to rest in a lab setting, connected to various machines. However, your Greenville, TX, dentist wants to obtain more accurate results, and to do so comfortably. For that reason, our team offers a unique home sleep test option.


Should You Try A Sleep Assessment?

sleep assessmentSleep is a chance to reset, and face a new day with renewed energy and alertness. However, if you have difficult resting properly, this could mean you continue to feel more and more exhausted. If this is the case, then you may benefit from a sleep assessment. In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist explains what we look for during your assessment, and what happens next!


What Is Causing Your Snoring?

Snoring is something that many adults experience. It can be annoying to your partner or roommate, and it can also be disruptive to your sleep. If you are snoring occasionally, then it may not be cause for concern. However, if you’re snoring chronically, it can make it difficult for you to get restful, restorative sleep. It may point to some kind of disorder or condition as well. If you have a condition like sleep apnea, you’ll want to treat it right away since it can lead to other health problems. It’s time to figure out what is causing your snoring. (more…)