Daytime Fatigue And Sleep Apnea

By the end of your typical day, you can feel eager to climb in bed and enjoy some well-earned rest. However, if you have difficulties with daytime fatigue, that sense of exhaustion can fall upon you earlier and earlier, and on some days may not leave you at all! Why are you experiencing this issue? If you have frequent bouts of fatigue despite feeling that you are enjoying a healthy amount of sleep, the trouble could be with a disorder that interferes with your breathing and causes you to wake up throughout the night. Sleep apnea is often associated with snoring, but the disruptions in your airways cause more than just awkward breathing noises. Until the problem is treated, it can rob you of energy, and it can threaten your physical and emotional well-being! Fortunately, you can come to our DFW area dental office to learn about sleep apnea treatment solutions! (more…)

Considering Your Sleep Apnea Risk

Is every person who snores suffering from sleep apnea? Have your struggles with daytime fatigue been a warning sign that you have nightly issues that interfere with your rest? At our DFW area dental practice, we can provide important support if you are concerned about troubled sleep. For those who are unsure whether they should be concerned about sleep apnea, a risk assessment can help. In addition to looking out for the better known difficulties, such as snoring, fatigue, and other issues, consider risk factors that make you more likely to experience this problem. Your weight, history of blood pressure issues, and other factors can also help determine how concerned you should be about this condition and your well-being. (more…)

How Sleep Apnea Disrupts Proper Rest

Your access to a full night’s rest can benefit you in even more ways than you might realize. A proper night’s sleep helps you improve on your physical well-being, and it can provide important benefits for your emotional and mental health. Unfortunately, trouble with sleep apnea can take away your ability to care for yourself through proper rest. At our DFW area dental practice, we can offer insights into how you can be treated. Remember that sleep apnea treatment can help more than just the person who suffers from this issue, as the loud snoring and difficult breathing it causes can also make rest elusive for your partner. (more…)

The Physical Toll Of Sleep Apnea

There are different reasons to feel concern over a tendency to snore. It can be embarrassing to learn that you are a noisy sleeper, and it can be a source of irritation for a partner. What you should recognize is that when your snoring issues are a symptom of sleep apnea, you also need to worry about your overall health! When a person suffers from sleep apnea but does not treat it, they lose the ability to complete their rest cycles during the night. Until this issue is addressed, you can show symptoms of sleep deprivation that affect your mood, energy levels, and well-being. You can also have a harder time managing other existing health concerns. The good news is that there are solutions available. At our DFW area dental office, we can provide different treatment recommendations, including care with a custom oral appliance that replaces the need for a CPAP machine. (more…)

Reviewing Your Sleep Apnea Risk Factors

Sleep apnea can impact your quality of life in many ways, as it can both create new problems and make preexisting health issues more difficult to manage. Our DFW area dental office can provide meaningful sleep solutions so that it no longer interferes with your rest. We can also help you look out for risk factors that can both point to an active problem and make you vulnerable to it. These issues include trouble with your weight, snoring, fatigue, blood pressure, and more. Recognizing that something is wrong can be embarrassing at first, but remember that by acting on this concern, you can put a stop to the condition before it can cause more harm. (more…)

Do I Really Need To Worry About Snoring?

It might be an annoying habit to your partner, and it may be a source of embarrassment for you, but is a tendency to snore also a sign of health trouble? Snoring issues as well as a tendency to make choked, strained, or wheezing sounds as you breathe during the night can point to problems with airway interference. People who experience interference that is serious enough to stop them from completing their rest cycles suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, a problem that should not be taken lightly. At our DFW area dental office, we can recommend treatment to resolve problems with this issue. Dealing with it can lead to more than just relief from snoring, as you also restore your nightly rest, and you can better manage your health. (more…)

When Your Sleep Trouble Keeps Your Partner Awake

If you have problems with sleep apnea, snoring and other loud breathing issues can be just part of your overall concerns. In addition to being embarrassed by the trouble you have with nightly breathing, you can feel embarrassed by how you are keeping your partner awake. Discussing your difficulties at our DFW dental office can have positive results. We can recommend treatment that helps you sleep and breathe peacefully, which means you and your partner enjoy more restful nights. Remember that sleep apnea is more than just an irritating or embarrassing condition. Because this condition interferes with your rest cycle, it can have several negative effects on your emotional and physical well-being. (more…)

Starting Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea

Before you begin treatment for it, sleep apnea can impact your health and quality of life in ways that are difficult to ignore. Problems with your focus and mood can occur, you can have more trouble managing your blood pressure, and you can struggle with reduced energy levels. Fortunately, by beginning treatment to address your condition, you can put these problems behind you and enjoy a better quality of life! At our DFW area dental office, we can provide positive results from treatment through oral appliance therapy. As an alternative to treatment with a CPAP machine, appliance therapy can make it easier to fix problems with limited and difficult breathing at night. With your custom guard in position, your airways remain open, and you can experience more benefits from sleep. (more…)

Understanding Sleep Apnea’s Impact

How long should you wait to do something about sleep apnea? The longer it takes you to look into this problem, the more likely it is to cause worsening problems for your health. This condition robs you of your ability to breathe steadily throughout the night, which disrupts your rest and leads to the kinds of problems that are associated with sleep deprivation. Your energy levels, mood, and general health can be negatively impacted by this condition. At our DFW area dentist’s office, we can advise you on treatment. We can also help you assess whether this condition is affecting you, so you can determine if it needs to be addressed. (more…)

Look Out For Signs Of Sleep Apnea

The warning signs of sleep apnea, when present, should be taken seriously. The sooner that you can recognize something is wrong with your nightly rest, the sooner you can deal with this problem and stop it from impacting your daily life, as well as your physical and mental health. To provide support, our DFW area dental practice can provide treatment through a custom appliance that keeps your airways clear and your breathing steady throughout the night. We can also help you determine if something is wrong by offering helpful information on sleep assessment, and even by providing a home sleep study! (more…)