Improve Your Sleep With Oral Appliance Treatment

Sleepy Student Greenville TXIf you find that you are already tired before noon, it may be a sign that you are struggling with your sleep. Common sleep disorders are increasingly prevalent within the United States, so take the time to talk to a specialist about ways to improve the quality of your rest. If you struggle with chronic obstructive sleep apnea, your condition can increase your risk of serious complications such as heart attack and stroke!

With our team of sleep science experts in Greenville and McKinney, TX, you can make the effort in reaching a better night of rest. Talk to our office about your struggles and discover the advantages of an appliance-based form of treatment for chronic obstructive sleep apnea. Apnea occurs when your throat tissue becomes a little too soft overnight, and this method of care uses a slim BPA-free guard to gently reposition your jaw. Often, this is enough to alleviate condition without the use of a noisy machine or surgery, so ask your oral health provider about an oral appliance!

Struggling With Your Rest? It May Be A Common Sleep Disorder

When you find that you are waking up already feeling exhausted, it could be a sign that your sleep quality if not at the level it needs to be. Instead of continuing to battle with your rest every night, talk to a knowledgeable professional about what is happening. You may have a common sleep disorder that is holding you back in your daily life.

If your loved ones have brought up their concerns over your loud or aggressive snoring, this could be a sign of chronic obstructive sleep apnea, which can seriously impact your ability to fully rest. This condition happens during your deepest form of sleep, when your throat tissue softens to a point where you block your own airway!

An Oral Appliance Keeps Your Airway Open Throughout The Night

When your provider gives you a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea, make the effort to find a form of treatment that works for you. Your condition greatly increases your risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke, so it is important to work with your sleep science professional to learn your options.

An oral appliance helps you to avoid the need for noisy CPAP machines and even surgery by gently shifting the position of your jaw while you rest. While you are at your consultation with our team, be sure to ask about whether an oral appliance is right for your needs!

Learn About Oral Appliance Treatment In Greenville And McKinney, TX

If you have been struggling with your sleep, take this opportunity to find a more comfortable form of sleep apnea treatment. To schedule an appointment or to ask any questions, give us a call at Dental Sleep Solutions of Greenville and McKinney in Greenville, TX at (903)455-0516.