We Offer Patients A Home Sleep Test

home sleep testIf you have risk factors, or symptoms, of sleep apnea, you may assume a thorough diagnosis means trying to rest in a lab setting, connected to various machines. However, your Greenville, TX, dentist wants to obtain more accurate results, and to do so comfortably. For that reason, our team offers a unique home sleep test option.

When Should You Consider a Home Sleep Test?

Obstructive sleep apnea means that as you sleep, soft tissues in the throat and in the rear of your mouth become too relaxed and then collapse, blocking airflow. You stop breathing until the brain wakes you, and this interrupts your sleep even if you don’t remember it. Symptoms could include chronic snoring, daytime drowsiness, irritability, dry mouth, headaches, trouble staying awake, and difficulty focusing on tasks at work or school. If one or more of these common warning signs applies to your experience, the you may need to take our sleep assessment and at that point, we may suggest a home-based sleep test.

The Testing Process

After an initial in-office exam, we will send you with a Pulse Oximeter device. The device is worn comfortably as you sleep for about two to three days. We then look at the detailed results the device records about your rest, particularly if there is frequent breathing cessation at night and high blood pressure. For some patients, we may then prescribe a sleep study with a trained physician. Remember, lack of sleep doesn’t just mean you’re drowsy during the day. Over time, sleep apnea has even shown to increase high blood pressure and even leads to higher risks of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. People also suffer from a strained immune system, causing more frequent illness.

Possible Treatment Options

Following your test, we may suggest an oral appliance to help you rest easier. After taking detailed impressions and measurements of your smile, we craft an oral appliance that is worn as you sleep and fits like a mouthguard. The device then repositions the jaw to help you rest without interruption, preventing the collapse of soft tissues in the throat and mouth. We could also suggest beneficial changes to your sleep habits, such as resting on your side instead of back, avoiding large meals or caffeine right before bed, cutting back on alcohol consumption, and keeping your bedroom dark and cool.

Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville Provides a Home Sleep Test

At Smith Family Dentistry, our team wants to provide a thorough diagnosis with accuracy and precision. Learn more about our sleep treatments then talk to Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX by contacting our office at 903-455-0516. We want to make sure you feel rested and happy during the day, which is why you need a good night’s rest!