A Look At Assessing Sleep Apnea

greenville sleep assessmentIf you have trouble going to sleep, staying asleep, and feeling rested the next day, how do you obtain the treatment you need? We suggest starting with a consultation and assessment. In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist will look at the process of diagnosing your disorder, and how we might treat it as well!

When to Seek An Assessment

First, let’s look at what OSA does when you rest. The disorder means the airflow is cut off as you sleep, often hundreds of times in a single night. This happens as soft tissues in the throat and the back of the mouth become too relaxed and collapse. The brain takes note immediately of the lack of oxygen, and wakes you. People may choke or gasp for a moment, and rarely remember the episodes even though they interrupt the sleep cycle several times. People with the disorder tend to experience chronic snoring, waking up struggling for air, and feel exhausted throughout the day. Trouble staying focused, moodiness, dry mouth, and headaches are also commonly reported too. If you encounter one or more of these potential symptoms on a daily basis, then let us know!

What Do We Look For?

When want to know how many, if any, symptoms you experience in your daily life. We will look at your snoring habits, and whether you struggle with fatigue during the day regularly. Other factors include obesity, high blood pressure, how quickly you become drained of energy, and how well you breathe as you sleep. We also look for indicators of moodiness or depression, as these could be related.

What Happens Next?

Following your assessment, we may prescribe a home sleep study, in which you wear a small device as you rest at home. The device records cessation of breathing, blood oxygen levels, and other factors. For some, we may still suggest a study in a lab setting. Once we’ve done this and feel confident that you benefit from OSA treatment, we move on with an oral appliance. The appliance is created based on detailed impressions we take of your smile, and used to reposition the jaw and prevent the collapse of soft tissues during the night. You breathe without interruption, and experience a drop in OSA-related symptoms. If you have any questions about our assessment, or if you would like to schedule one, then contact our team today.

Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville Offers A Thorough Diagnosis

At Smith Family Dentistry, our team is ready to help you start your journey to a night of better sleep with an assessment, home sleep study, and special custom appliances. To learn more about obtaining the treatment you need to feel more rested and alert, then talk to Dental Sleep Solutions of Greenville by contacting our office at 903-455-0516.