The Process Of Diagnosing OSA

sleep apnea diagnosisObstructive sleep apnea (OSA) impacts millions of people in the United States, and could lead to eventual trouble for your immune system and cardiovascular system. But how do you know if you need treatment, and how will your Greenville, TX, dentist diagnose the issue?

The Warning Signs of Untreated Sleep Apnea

First, you should be aware of the potential warning signs. Many people miss these, and this allows the disorder to grow more severe and have a serious negative impact on overall quality of life. For example, people with OSA may report trouble going to sleep or waking up, and may feel tired throughout the day, even if they assume they slept well. People wake in the night often, and may be moody or irritable. Other potential symptoms may include snoring, headaches, dry mouth, and trouble staying focused on tasks at work or school.

The Assessment and Online Tool

If you experience one or more of these potential warning signs, then contact our team. We will often start with an online screening tool and a thorough assessment to identify your risk factors and potential symptoms you may be experiencing. For a more thorough and exact diagnosis, we could also prescribe an at-home sleep study.

The Home Sleep Test

We send you home with a small device that is connected to your wrist called a Pulse Oximeter. The device then takes records of your sleep habits, including any breathing cessation that could indicate sleep apnea episodes. The device is worn for a period of two to three nights, and the results often help us decide if you benefit from treatment. For some, we may also consider a physician-ordered sleep study, in which you’re monitored in a lab setting. With these results, we can create a treatment plan to help you enjoy a better night’s rest.

Possible Treatment Options

We often take detailed impressions and measurements of your jaw and oral structures, which we then use to design an oral appliance. The completed device will look and fit much like a mouthguard, and is worn as you rest at night. The device helps reposition the jaw to ensure airways remain open and you avoid the collapse of soft tissues that could cause your breathing to stop for brief periods. If you have any questions about diagnosing and treating sleep apnea, or if you would like to undergo an assessment and home sleep study, then contact our team today.

Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville Diagnoses Poor Rest

At Smith Family Dentistry, we don’t want your lack of proper rest to continue harming your overall quality of life. To learn more about avoiding poor rest due to OSA, then talk to Dental Sleep Solutions of Greenville by contacting our office at 903-455-0516.