Looking Into Professional Care For Snoring

If you snore while you sleep, you can keep your partner awake. If the noise you make is loud enough, you can even disturb others in your home! While this is certainly a reason to be worried about your nightly breathing, you should know that this problem can also affect your well-being. The interference with your breathing can lead to pain from a sore throat on a typical morning, and it can result in problems with headaches. It can also point to a potentially serious issue with sleep apnea. Our DFW area practice can offer solutions if you need help controlling a snoring problem!

Are You Tired Of Living With An Embarrassing Snoring Problem?

Many people have self-conscious feelings over their tendency to snore. When you are a noisy breather at night, you can keep others awake. You can also have problems with discomfort due to your uneven or difficult breathing. It may prove difficult to fix this problem on your own, particularly when the issue is persistent or serious. Fortunately, you can talk to your dentist about how you can breathe more easily while you are asleep.

Talk To Your Dentist About Your Nightly Breathing Issues

By mentioning your nightly breathing issues to your dentist, you can learn about how snoring can be addressed. With a custom-made oral guard, we can make adjustments to the position of your jaw in order to keep your airways open. Doing this will help you breathe more easily, quieting your rest and also making it easier to take in oxygen while you are asleep. By coming in for treatment, we can also talk to you about sleep apnea, and the importance of treating this issue to stop it from creating further issues with your general health.

Should You Be Concerned About Sleep Apnea?

Those who snore heavily and frequently may do so because of obstructive sleep apnea. If your body is not able to take in air for an extended period of time, you can break your rest cycle in order to address the interference. Regular interruptions of this type will make it difficult for you to enjoy a full night’s sleep, and that will have a negative impact on your overall well-being. Through treatment for this condition, we can help you gain more energy from rest, and we can make it easier for you to manage your general and mental well-being.

Talk To Dental Sleep Solutions Of DFW About Your Snoring Troubles

If you feel embarrassed by your issues with heavy snoring, know that discussing the problem can lead to effective treatment. If you would like to learn more about how we can address this problem, and how we can take on other issues with your rest, please schedule an appointment with Dental Sleep Solutions of DFW by contacting our office at 903-455-0516.