How An Appliance Corrects Sleep Apnea Issues

The time you spend at rest helps you restore your mental and physical health in many key ways, which is why a disruption of your sleep can have such an impact on your quality of life. The longer it takes you to do something about an issue that disrupts your sleep, the more unpleasant the consequences can become—eventually, the issue can create real problems for your physical and emotional well-being! Our DFW area dentist’s office is prepared to help those who think their nightly rest has been disturbed by sleep apnea. What might surprise you is that we can actually offer that help with a custom appliance instead of a CPAP machine!

Is Sleep Apnea Creating Problems For Your Quality Of Life?

Learning that you snore can help determine if you should be concerned about sleep apnea. With that said, this is not the only warning sign that you can look out for if you think there is something wrong with your ability to rest properly. Changes in your daily life like decreased energy, a negative change in your mood, difficulty with focus and short-term memory, and more can suggest that you are not properly completing your rest cycles.

We Can Recommend Oral Appliance Therapy To Help You Stay At Rest

When people think about sleep apnea treatment, they often think that they should expect to receive a CPAP machine that will correct their ability to breathe properly and naturally. While this can be an effective way to treat the problem, it is not the only one that we can recommend. We can also see if you are a good candidate for care with a custom sleep appliance. An oral guard can be made for you that holds your airways open by changing the position of your jaw. With this adjustment, you can keep your breathing steady and protect yourself against interruptions in your rest.

Why Sleep Apnea Treatment Should Not Wait

The longer it takes you to do something about your possible issues with sleep apnea, the more likely they are to have serious effects on your health. One reason to be concerned is that over time, the problem can cause you to experience issues with elevated blood pressure, a problem that makes you more vulnerable to problems with heart disease!

Talk To Your DFW Area Dentist About Using An Appliance To Treat Sleep Apnea

With the right approach to treatment, problems with sleep apnea can be put behind you. Our practice is happy to help you deal with this difficulty before it creates serious issues for your well-being. If you would like to find out more about how we can take care of you, schedule an appointment with Dental Sleep Solutions of DFW by calling 903-455-0516.