Treating Your Sleep Apnea

treating sleep apneaOur last blog explained how we diagnose and assess the severity of your sleep issues, but once we diagnose the problem, what treatment will you need? In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist will explain how we treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with CPAP, or possibly an oral appliance, helping our patients rest with ease once again!

The Causes of OSA

OSA could be caused by neck circumference, sinus and allergy issues, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, and our sleep habits. This disorder causes the soft tissues in the rear of the mouth and in our throats to collapse and cut off airflow. We stop breathing briefly until the brain wakes us, and this could happen hundreds of times in one night. Most people don’t remember waking up, but this interrupts the sleep cycle and leaves people feeling exhausted even if they assume they rested. Over time, the disorder could strain the immune system and cardiovascular systems, leading to frequent illness and even a higher risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart attack.

We urge people to seek treatment when they experience common symptoms, which could include snoring, daytime drowsiness, dry mouth, headaches, irritability, and difficulty staying focused on tasks at work or school. If you encounter one or more of these, then let us know right away.

CPAP Machine

One common treatment option involves the use of a CPAP machine. At night, a mask is worn over the nose and mouth that connects to a machine via a plastic hose. The machine pumps air through the hose and into the mouth and nose, helping people breathe without interruption throughout the night.

Sleep Appliance

While the CPAP is often effective, some people have trouble resting when hooked up to the machine, which is why we also offer an alternative. With a sleep appliance, we take detailed impressions of the smile, using the information to craft a device that fits like a mouthguard. The device is then work as we sleep, moving the jaw foreword slightly to prevent the collapse of soft tissues. People then breathe easily and enjoy a comfortable solution! If you have any questions about how we diagnose and treat OSA, then contact our team today. We want to help you rest easily, and enjoy an improved quality of life!

Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville Offers Solutions for Poor Sleep

At Smith Family Dentistry, we want to provide treatment for people with difficulty resting due to OSA. Learn more about our custom-made oral appliances then talk to Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville, TX by contacting our office at 903-455-0516. We want to make sure you feel rested and happy during the day, which is why you need a good night’s rest!