Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms

sleep apnea symptomsOften, we find that people suffering from issues like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) simply have no idea they need treatment, and don’t understand the symptoms they’re experiencing. In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist is going to discuss the causes of sleep apnea, and look at common warning signs we should all be aware of.

Sleep Apnea

The disorder means that as you sleep, the soft tissues that reside in the rear of your mouth and in your throat become too relaxed and then collapse. They block airflow and prevent you from breathing. When you stop breathing, the brain quickly registers this and wakes you. While most people don’t remember waking up, this does interrupt the sleep cycle. For some sufferers, this process repeats hundreds of times a night.

Common Symptoms

People with the disorder often report daytime exhaustion, and even trouble staying awake behind the wheel or while at work or school. This drowsiness could also mean moodiness and an increased risk of depression. Other symptoms include dry mouth in the mornings, headaches and migraines during the day, and difficulty concentrating on tasks at work or school. If one or more of these symptoms seem familiar, then please let us know. We will start with a sleep assessment and an at-home sleep study to assess your risk, and then create a treatment plan!

Impact On Your Health

Sleep apnea does far more than just make you feel tired. You could also be more likely to experience serious strain on your immune system, which could lead to more frequent illness. The stress on your cardiovascular system could also lead to high blood pressure, a higher risk of heart disease, and even an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. To avoid these major impacts on your life and your overall health, you should talk to our team about possible solutions.

What Next?

We often recommend treatment with an oral appliance. The sleep appliance not only fits comfortably, but also helps you rest easier. We design it to fit your smile specifically, basing it on impressions and measurements we take of your smile. The device actually moves the jaw forward enough to prevent the collapse of soft tissues in the mouth, so you breathe without interruption and enjoy a good night’s rest. Better rest not only means you feel more alert and productive, but it helps improve your immune system and heart health, too.

Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville Offers Solutions for Sleep Disorders

At Smith Family Dentistry, we know that a good night’s rest is key to a great day and better overall health. Learn more about diagnosing and treating issues like OSA, then talk to Dental Sleep Solutions of Greenville by contacting our office at 903-455-0516.