Tips To Help You Stop Snoring

stop snoringDo you frequently snore at night? The causes could be related to your sleep habits, or possibly due to a serious disorder, but how do you know which it is? In today’s blog, your Greenville, TX, dentist will explain the causes of snoring, how to stop, and when to seek professional treatment for issues like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The Causes of Your Snore

Why do we snore when we sleep? As we rest, the soft tissues in our throat and in the back of our mouth could partially collapse, which obstructs airways. As we breathe, these tissues then vibrate and create a loud sound. A number of factors could lead to these issues, including deviated septum, sinus or allergy issues, neck circumference, obesity, and our sleeping habits. Fortunately, there are often a few simple changes you can make to help lower your risk of nightly snoring, so you and your significant other can rest easier!

Better Resting Habits

First, try to maintain a regular sleep schedule, which means going to bed and waking up at the same times every day. Be sure your bedroom is perfect for optimal rest too. Keep the room dark, cool, and free of TV and computer screens. Looking at smartphones, TVs, and computers right before bed can impact how we you fall sleep and rest. Try to rest on your side, not your back, as this helps reduce the risk of soft tissue collapse. Avoiding large meals, alcohol, or vigorous exercises in the two hours before bed is also beneficial for better resting.

What About Sleep Apnea?

Now, if your airways are completely blocked at night this could mean you stop breathing for brief periods. As a result, the brain must wake you to resume breathing. Known as sleep apnea, this could happen hundreds of times in a night, even if you don’t remember it. The issue may lead to daytime exhaustion, irritability, trouble focusing on tasks at work or school, dry mouth, headaches, and a higher likelihood of sickness due to strain on your immune system. OSA could also mean problems for your cardiovascular system, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and even stroke or heart attack. We can help treat snoring and sleep apnea with a comfortable and custom-made oral appliance, one you wear at night and is designed specifically for your smile! If you have any questions about better sleeping habits, then contact our team today.

Smith Family Dentistry in Greenville Offers Solutions for Snoring

At Smith Family Dentistry, we know the value of a good night’s rest, and we’re here to help you. To learn more about how we help our patients rest easier, then talk to Dental Sleep Solutions of Greenville by contacting our office at 903-455-0516.