Identifying Signs Of Sleep Apnea

Is it possible for a person to miss the signs of sleep apnea? One commonly recognized symptom is snoring, but not everyone has a way of knowing that they snore while they sleep. Other symptoms of this issue can resemble problems we associate with sleep deprivation, such as a lack of energy, changes in mood, and difficulty concentrating. There are symptoms and risk factors for this problem that you can look out for to determine if something is wrong. By bringing your concerns about this problem to your DFW area dentist, you can confirm that it needs to be addressed. You can also arrange treatment with a custom oral appliance that will help you breathe properly and remain at rest through the night.

Is It Easy To Recognize When Sleep Apnea Becomes A Problem?

There are certain signs that sleep apnea is affecting your rest and quality of life. Snoring is often recognized as a sign of this problem. With that said, not everyone who snores is affected by this condition, and not everyone will receive feedback on whether or not they are affected by this breathing trouble. There are other issues that can point to this trouble. Because sleep apnea interferes with your rest cycles, you can experience problems that are associated with a lack of sleep. Fatigue, a lack of focus, mood changes, and other problems can be symptoms of the condition. There are also certain risk factors that you should know about, such as a family history of sleep apnea, being overweight, and having a deviated septum.

Using A Custom Appliance To Treat Your Nightly Sleep Troubles

By using a custom guard to keep your airways open, you can breathe without interruption and stay asleep throughout the night. As an alternative to a CPAP machine, a custom appliance can provide a more comfortable and conservative solution to your difficulties. This guard will correct the position of your lower jaw to stop soft tissues in the throat from blocking your ability to breathe.

A Home Sleep Test Can Help You Confirm That You Need Treatment

If you want to confirm that you are having issues with sleep apnea, you can rely on a home sleep test to evaluate your rest. This offers a convenient means of reviewing your rest, and can lead to the recognition that treatment is needed.

Talk To Your DFW Area Dentist About Starting Sleep Apnea Treatment

By starting sleep apnea treatment, you can put a stop to a problem that negatively impacts your ability to rest properly and manage your well-being. For more information on how we can take care of you and manage this problem effectively, schedule an appointment with Dental Sleep Solutions of DFW by calling 903-455-0516.